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Digital Therapy Machine

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GET A MORE FIRM AND WORKED WITH ONLY 15 MINUTES DAILY BODY WITH what you spend IN A SESSION IN COSMETIC CENTER GET YOUR OWN TEAM. SCREEN LCD 8 DIFFERENT FUNCTIONS PROGRAMMABLECONTROL SLEEP TIME WITH DIFFERENT LEVELS OF INTENSITY PROGRAMMABLE Team 'DIGITAL THERAPY MACHINE' is a development of several decades of research in PR China which combines the knowledge of medical electrotherapy, traditional acupuncture and electro-acupuncture analgesia with digital electronic technologies that allow low cost and at your fingertips therapeutic possibilities hospital use equipment of last generation. Designing waves and flashing sequences and alternating them in each program allow optimal adaptation to different situations and, therefore, a response differential and more effective to them. 's so simple and safe therapeutic tool that provides patients from home the ability to self-care to enhance and complement the specialized intervention by staff health and well secure therapeutic results. At the same time, provides the physician and other therapists a practical tool for use at home or in emergency without the technical requirements and biosecurity Traditional acupuncture involves inserting needles. Benefits of using electrical stimulation: 1. Replaces longer maneuvers (manual stimulation). Guarantees the required number of stimuli, for the MD may stop due to fatigue manual stimulation. You can reduce total treatment time by providing continuous stimulus. 2. It can produce a stronger stimulation, if desired, without causing tissue damage associated with movements of the needles. This type of strong stimulation may be required for difficult cases of neuralgia or paralysis.3. It is easy to control the frequency of the stimulus and the amount (intensity) of stimuli with manual needle manipulation. 4. By using electrodes without needles, facilitates the administration of treatment to sensitive people and children. duration of a standard electro-acupuncture treatment usually takes 10 to 20 minutes. In some cases it can be used for up to an hour or more, especially for difficult to treat neurological disorders. Our team is programmable time of 5, 10 and 15 minutes, it automatically turns off. For our team, and has two electrodes, which makes it very portable and easy to handle, short cycles (10-15 minutes) are performed in different groups of points, usually different intensities, avoiding the habit purpose. Additionally, they can combine different programs for different groups of selected points

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